Authentically Express Your Creative Self

Do you feel like you have great ideas that never get a chance to fully come to fruition? Do you struggle make your voice heard? Do you wonder whether anyone cares what you have to say?

It’s been said that “necessity is the mother of invention.” Well in this day and age, it is necessary that we live the lives we were born to live, that we strive not for perfection, but for our true potential and highest purpose. This takes constant invention & re-invention in life and work, which takes support physically, mentally, energetically, creatively, spiritually…

I can help you.

Together we will step into the laboratory of mind and body to come up with the truest expression of your creative voice. The approach integrates holistic practices of voice training, meditation, yoga and bodywork for nurturing self-inquiry, strength, and focus with practical creative solutions like media production for video, audio, blogging and public presenting.

To begin, uncover what might be holding you back.

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andreaAuthentically Express Your Creative Self